The soil, natural conditions and climate of Bolgheri are an exceptional mix. Added to this is the uniqueness of the vineyard area of Tenuta Meraviglia: here the combination of outcropping geological formations is absolutely exceptional, with soils of marine, continental and volcanic origin. The volcanic parent rock generates soils from thin to shallow, with abundant to high stoniness, with a sandy loam texture. The whitish lava rocks are rhyolites, from the Greek, ῥύα(ξ) «torrent», or «flowing lava», and λίθο, stone, a type of formation rare throughout the Tuscan territory and found only in this area in Bolgheri , behind San Vincenzo. Hence the name Vulcaniti di San Vincenzo. Vulcanites favor the minerality of the soil and catalyze the production of sugars and the formation of soft tannins in the vine.


In the Pianali area and on the slope that descends towards the sea, alluvial outcrops of Sabbie Rosse della Val di Gori alternate in leopard spots on the Vulcanites. The soils of the Pianali area often also have a component of silt and clay. The vineyards located in this area also enjoy an ideal microclimate, with a constant sea breeze blowing between the rows and a south-west exposure. It is an ideal terroir for important, complex wines with great aging potential.