our works

Our aim is to give our work a value beyond the here and now. We’d like to share the understanding that our daily actions have an impact on what surrounds us and that it is up to us to make sure that this impact is as positive as possible. Facing challenges to change, climate first and foremost but not only. For this - and much more - we have embarked on a journey of growth together with all our workers and suppliers, striving every day to be as sustainable as possible. As soon as we began our adventure, we chose to be organic, for the environment, for our precious vines, for our dear consumers. But that was not enough. So we started the Equalitas sustainability certification journey, which will change and mature with us, day by day.


Having a code of ethics means for us to become aware that each of us – and even more so a company understood as a complex organism – has a social, environmental and economic impact. Our mission is for this impact to be as positive as possible.