Tenuta Meraviglia is what its name says. A wonderful place, a terrace overlooking the sea and the Tuscan archipelago. Reaching the highest point, about 150 meters, where the iconic roof terrace is located, the gaze is lost in the blue, the air smells of salt and pine, the vineyards run towards the sea. 34 hectares of vineyards of Cabernet Franc only, plus a few plots of Vermentino, on a soil where the sandy component meets - only in this area of Bolgheri - lava rocks called Vulcanites of San Vincenzo.


If every grape has its own habitat, this one from Tenuta Meraviglia is perfect for growing Cabernet Franc. The red sands of the Val di Gori which alternate with outcrops of volcanic rocks, the high stoniness, the exposure towards the south-west, are all elements that refine the Cabernet Franc and enhance its complexity. Cabernet Franc is an extraordinary variety, indeed wonderful, when it manages to express its uniqueness.


Vinification in truncated conical vats of raw cement and fermentation with native yeasts; to follow for the reds aging in large barrels of untoasted French oak. We decided to use the large 60-hectolitre barrels for ageing the wine to enhance the characteristics of the grapes. Wood casks are for us tools for the for micro-oxygenation of wine, we don't want them to be protagonists. The cellar accompanies the wine in its development, leaving it time to find its way, which is simply that of the territorial expression of the varietal. We are totally organic and have started the Equalitas sustainability process.